Friday, June 18, 2010

Let Me Fill You In!

Well, it’s officially been three weeks today since I first arrived in Romania. My team and I have been so incredibly busy that I have barely had time to write. You may have noticed the lack of blog updates, and I’m sorry for that. In one short post, I will try to fill you in on everything we have been doing here. Ready… Go!

For the first full week we were here, we spent almost every day working in the office. We prepared skits, songs, and illusions for the programs we would be doing in villages during the summer. I loved helping Jan and Rachelle plan schedules and make props in preparation! That’s right up my alley! We had our first program two weeks ago in a very small village in the middle of a field. Even though it was our dress rehearsal, the children were overjoyed by our presentation. We shared about finding the truth in Jesus Christ using clowns, puppets, games, and more!! I had so much fun! But that was only the beginning… We had two more programs the next day; one at an orphanage, and the other at a kindergarten graduation. The weekend in its entirety was a total success!

Next, it was time to prepare for a short term missions team from Wichita, Kansas. Jan, Grati, and Rachelle spent hours preparing their schedule and the villages in which they would minister. We spent the week preparing 17 beds with new sheets and towels, doubling bins full of supplies and props, and completing other various tasks that were needed for their arrival. Meanwhile, camp was in the back of our minds, so we were preparing a program for that event as well. The Kansas team consisted of 7 leaders and 10 kids/teenagers. They were in Constanta for two days, but we traveled with them the last portion of their trip to a few different villages. It was neat to be able to watch the program with the kids as the group performed.

While the group was here, we traveled through the Transylvania Mountains to visit Bran Castle, also known as Dracula’s Castle, on their free day. The trip up there was a little rough because several group members got sick, but luckily I managed to steer clear of the stomach bug for the first time in my life. I couldn’t help but smile as I stared out the window. The view was beautiful and I was surrounded by wonderful people! I was perfectly content! We took a tour of the castle, and it was fabulous! Then, we got to shop… even more fabulous!! We finish the day with shaorma (my favorite food here) to top it all off! We were sad to see the team go, but we still had a lot of work to do so there was no time to rest!

I will give more details about the villages that we visited at a later time. There is a lot there to tell and I want to spend more time on those posts so I get it right. The past few days we have put in 9-10 hour work days at the office preparing every detail for camp. As I finish this post, the vehicles are packed and we are preparing to leave for the camp we have worked so hard to plan. I get to be a counselor in a room of girls! They don’t speak English and I don’t speak Romanian, but I am excited to see how everything works out! I’m sure I will have many stories to tell when I return. I may also get a day or two off when I get back, so hopefully there will be more blog posts coming your way!!

Until then, please pray that God would give us the strength to make it through the camp. Also, that both staff and children will be safe and healthy. Pray that the language barrier would not become a frustration or hinder my team from sharing the love of Jesus with our campers. We have children coming from many different villages that Jan has worked with before, but the government is also sponsoring 12 children from a secular orphanage to come to our camp for the first time! We are excited about their attendance, so please remember those students in your prayers. We are praying that they really enjoy the camp, that they will be open to the teaching, and as a result, the orphanage will want to work with us further in the future! Thank you for your continued prayers! God Bless!

Beautiful Mountains:

Part of Bran Castle:

So Many Kids:

Behind the Curtain:

A clown from the Kansas Group with adoring fans:

Jan with a Young Girl from the Village:

Kansas Team Member Megan with the girls:

Having Fun Even though it's 102 Degrees!

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